Download Kits, Sounds, and Samples

Silly Strings Kit
$7.00 (USD)

*Includes over 70 custom strings samples, chords, and solo strings: violin, cello, & viola. Perfect for Hip-Hop, Rap, and Pop beats.

(67.7 MB= 70+ Samples)

What Is Hip-Hop? Kit
$10 (USD)

*includes over 125 custom hip hop drums, one-shots, strings, synths, loops, and much more. The perfect hip hop sample kit!

Acoustic Guitar Kit (Half Kit)
$7.00 (USD)

*Includes over 50 real acoustic guitar samples, loops, chords, plucks, riffs, and more
(47 mb= 50+sounds)

Drums: Kicks & Snares Kit (Half Kit)
$7.00 (USD)

*Includes: Over 100 custom kick and snare samples and loops.

Synth Kit (Half Kit)
$7.00 (USD)

*Includes over 125 custom samples, loops, & individual sounds
(90 MB )

Custom Loops Kit (Half Kit)
$7.00 (USD)

*Includes over 75 Synth, choir, piano, and acoustic guitar loops
(173 MB )

Major House Kit Vol.1
$15.00 (USD)

Perfect Kit for House/Club & Pop uptempo songs. All files are in .wav format, set at either 120, 125, or 130 BPM

* Includes over 80 loops
* Over 35 Drum samples (Loops and one shot’s)
* Over 30 Instruments (One shot’s)
(Approx. 200 MB )

More Samples, Along with the Full kits coming soon!