Top 5 Producers & Beat Stores in 2014

        The Best Producers And Beat Stores in 2014
The internet is full of marketplaces that sell rap and hip hot beats. It seems like you buy beats online everywhere you turn. You go to Twitter, you get flooded with “buy my beats” or “best beats online” tweets. You go to youtube, and you have “how to sell beats” tutorials. It seems like everyone is selling beats online these days.
There are a lot of places to sell your beats
, from ReverbNation to myflashstore to BeatBrokerz. These beat marketplaces are nice for producers, because it gives them an opportunity to turn their music into profit. However, I think it’s difficult for artists and songwriters to sort through hundreds and thousands of producers that all have different styles and sounds to their beats.
So after doing weeks of research, I wanted to break it down to the top 5 beat selling sites in 2014, focusing on independent producers (rather than large music marketplaces). So here are the top 5 beat makers to look for in 2014:

1) Allrounda Beats This up and coming beat store is making it’s way to the scene to compete with the big boys. If it’s rap and hip hop beats that you want, then that is what you’ll find here. A clean site that’s easy to navigate and a store that offers many styles of rap and hip hop beats, you are sure to be able to find a song to use here! Pricing: Leases start around $30, which is on the higher end for the industry standard. Exclusive beats start around $180, which isn't too bad but still high for a rapper with a low budget that is looking to buy beats .
Overview: Great site overall to buy rap beats. We would like to see them expand and produce some pop and euro-club beats as well!

2) BEATS 4 SONGS Very nice selection of multiple genres of music to choose from. Whether it’s rap to acoustic, pop to electronic, and dubstep beats, these instrumentals are very crisp and top of the line when it comes to professional quality sound. Pricing: They offer great prices for the quality of work, with $5 leases across the board and $50 exclusives, with a special lease 2 beats get 1 free. The quality of the tracks are very professional and probably the ranks up there with the best online.
Overview: We think this is one of the best beat selling sites on the web for 2014. The only downfall with this site is that we’d like to see them post more tracks in their store (right now they have around 25 beats). Overall, a great site to buy online beats in 2014!

3) Maxx Beats This is a nice option for pop beats. After searching beat store after beat store, I could not find a quality site that offered radio quality pop &/or top 40 style beats. I am very pleased with the product that they have to offer, and look for a lot more coming from them in 2014. Pricing: Leases start at $12.99, while I could not locate the price for Exclusive beats. They offer an extended license for $48, but no sign of an exclusive beat option.
Overview: This is a quality site that offers a high quality product. If you are a singer or songwriter looking to buy pop and top 40 beats, check this place out. They have over 200 beats to choose from!

4) Mr. Mowgli Here is another site where you can find a little bit of everything from rap to dubstep & electronic beats for sale. The beats for sale here are pretty good quality for the most part, although the beats to choose from is on the lower end, compared to other sites, at around 37 beats for sale. Pricing: The price for leased beats isn't bad, starting at $19.95 and the price for premium beats coming in at $39.95. * No sign of  exclusive licenses though.
 Overview: A pretty good all-around beat site. He offers a variety of tracks at a decent price and the site is easy to navigate. However, he should consider posting exclusive license prices as well. Overall, nice electronic and pop beats for sale!

5) Dizzee Beats Everything from trap beats to east coast hip hop beats can be found here. If you are looking to buy a hard, bass-thumpin rap beat, then look no further. I plan on seeing a lot from these guys in 2014. Pricing: Leased beats are about average price at $13.90. But exclusive beats come in on the high end here, at $399.00.
Overview: The product is good, but not $400 good. If you are a rapper in the south looking to buy beats, then check this site out for their lease options. A lot of nice beats to choose from here. However, Dizzee could make the beat store a little more accessible on the front page, as the home page is a cluttered with

This is our list of the top 5 producers and beat selling sites for 2014. You have any suggestions or think we should add to the list? Then leave your choice(s) in the comments section

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  1. Nice topic there are some other top beat selling websites out there like Johnny Juliano, Epik Tha Dawn, Jordan Metra & Majestic Drama that offer great beats of high end quality. I do however agree with 2 points mentioned that Allrounda has some really dope beats and that the market is some what flooded but the potential earning are very high for independent producers

  2. Didn't see my name on here, looks like I got work to do!

  3. There are so many good producers out there!