IndeProducer Featured Artist 17: "The Cratez"

Every once in a great while do you hear a sound that will stick to your ear drum, a sound that will manipulate and inspire your every thought, action, and feeling throughout the day. Well take that sound and embed it into your ear drum every day, & you must be listening to music from "The Cratez". You've seen and heard these talented young producers all over the web, from Youtube to soundclick, RocBattle to Twitter. You probably heard your favorite rapper on one of their beats. You probably heard a dope beat of theirs while you were in the studio. Or, you probably were researching beat selling sites & most definitely came across The Cratez! had a wonderful opportunity to get an exclusive interview the guys that make up the dynamic music production crew "The Cratez". We would like to thank them for taking the time out of studio session to answer some questions for all of you producers out there trying to make a name for yourselves. Before we get started, here's a little background info about The Cratez.

The Cratez Biography

In order to establish any classic sound of music, one must dig deep into the soul of historical crates of sounds. Producers, Vans Beats and Dayweed Beats are the forefront of a duo that is determined to preserve a rare breed of hiphop in the commercialized industry we live in. Their production credits include Three Six Mafia, Wu Tang Clan, Diplomats, Rhapsody from 9th Wonder's label, Apollo the great, and Pries, among many others. Being that they have been independent all along, The Cratez strive to maintain their originality in supplying a unique sound of soul to music.
Hard work has its rewards. Evidence of this can be gauged by their 10 million plays worldwide and 250,000 music downloads. By uploading beats on a daily basis and consistently maintaining their relationships with excellent customer care, their website [...] has sold over 10,000 beats worldwide. Combining their own unique sound and the ability to cater a versatile sound to a variety of artist, The Cratez can accommodate any personality and capture the essence of the project. Confident and down to earth, the Cratez have displayed the true essence of a success of consistency and humility.
Upon launching their own website in 2010, their reputation rises beyond most who stay independent. Their notoriety in the online community has grown leaps and bounds- creating a stir, acquiring online demand worldwide. Respected beyond their local community of Germany, but also have been sought by diverse pockets all over the world. Selling beats independently since 2008, The Cratez's reputation for sales are highly coveted. Member Vans Beats has been one of the top 5 selling producers out of 60,000 producers on Mega Producers site, RocBattle. Collectively on a monthly basis, The Cratez dominate and have proven time and time again to be one of the Top Producers on the online market. From being cosigned by DatPiff one of the biggest mixtape websites worldwide to topping charts on Soundclick and RocBattle, there's no surprise they have acquired over a million plays on YouTube and have over 30,000 followers on Twitter.
*Biography Courtesy of BeatStars
Exclusive Interverview With "The Cratez"
IndeProducer:  In the 90’s it was grunge, r&b, and hip hop. In the early 2000’s it was male and female vocal groups that dominated with Euro-influenced mid-tempos. Now we are seeing more European, DJ- influenced uptempos making their way to clubs and Top 40 radio in the states. Where does The Cratez see the direction of music going in the next 5 years?

The Cratez: Wow, that's really hard to say man. We usually just produce what inspires us at the moment, so we can't really put a finger on the sound we are going for. We feel like once you try to force music it doesn't work anyways. Just go with the flow..

IndeProducer: With talented DJ’s like David Guetta, Deadmau5, Afrojack, & Calvin Harris now producing hits for the top artists in the world, do you feel like DJ’s are creating competition for all of the producers & composers out there?

The Cratez: To a certain degree they are. But people like David Guetta aren't really aware of the Hip Hop culture, so there'll always be room for classic Hip Hop producers that are familiar with the whole history of this genre.

IndeProducer: What music & artists &/or producers inspire The Cratez to go into the studio and create a track?

The Cratez:
When we started it out, we looked up to producers like Pete Rock & DJ Premier the most. Right now, artists like Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Meek Mill & many more really inspire us. But I wouldn't say that we go into the studio to produce for a particular artist. We kind of just make beats, and when the music is done we might think about the artists that would sound dope on what we just produced.

IndeProducer:  Out of all of the hundreds and hundreds of dope tracks that The Cratez have produced, is there one particular one that stands out as a favorite?

The Cratez:  We don't really have a favorite beat because we never look back at the stuff we produced. We try to keep developing as producers, so it's mostly the new stuff that we like the most. Here's a link to on of our newest beat making videos, we really like this joint:

IndeProducer: What is the one piece of recording equipment that you can’t live without?

The Cratez:  Hmm, as long as we got a solid MIDI controller of any kind on our hands, it's all good. But the most diverse MIDI-controller that we own is probably the AKAI MPK 88 synced with our DAW, Logic X. That's just a sick combination when you got the right samples and plugins.

IndeProducer: What can we expect from The Cratez in 2014?

The Cratez: Tons of beats and hopefully some dope placements. We just made a track with Chinx Drugz from French Montana's camp and also landed a feature with Ransom. Hopefully people will start to recognize us more so we can work with some dope artists. But we won't stop making beats anyways because we love this shit!

You can find The Cratez all over the web at:


  1. Great article I have definitely heard The Cratez beats and the are very good. I hope to collaborate with them in the near future. Keep up the fantastic work guys.

  2. The Cratez and the whole Vans Beats team is phenomenal, love the video!

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