2013 MUSIC CONTEST! is proud to announce our 2013 Music Contest that will give independent singers, rappers, songwriters, DJ's, and producers the opportunity to be a featured artist on our website!

Contest Details
Become a featured artist on (2)Winners will receive:
  • -A front page article, review, and biography highlighting the artist and his/her music
  • -A Q/A interview to allow the audience to get to know you
  • -A video feature of your music (if the artist has a video available-Youtube preferred)
  • -An MP3 feature of your choice (Soundcloud/Reverbnation/Twitmusic embed preferred
  • -A list of upcoming events or/ Schedule 
  • -Links to your website(s), Music Site(s), and all of your social media profiles
  • -Social sharing through iNDEPRODUCER's Twitter(@indeproducer) 10k+ followers, Youtube video feature ( )1600+ subscribers,  Google+, and music blogs!
*  receives thousands of unique visitors a week. This is a great opportunity for independent artists to showcase their music and be heard all over the world!

Contest Rules
  • -Create a video up to 2 minutes showcasing your skills & explain why you should be the Featured Artist, and upload it to YouTube.
  • -Use this exact title: " Music Contest"...+ then add your first name/or artist name at the end of the title (For example Music Contest John Doe)
  • - Share the video with anyone and everyone & try to get as many views as possible
  • -email your video link to
  •  We will keep track of the videos submitted & announce the winners at the end of the contest deadline
*All applicants must complete the list under "Contest Rules" in order to qualify.

**The 2 videos with the most views by Aug. 31, 2013 will be the winners!

Remember, come up with the most creative video possible to showcase your talent, explain what your talent is, and why you should be the Featured Artist! 

Best of luck! Admin 





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  3. a creative arena for new musicians.
    hopefully i can participate and enliven,